EDUFISH is a fun educational method in getting to know the world of fisheries at an early age in kindergartens and elementary schools. This activity has the prospect of aquaculture education at the level of junior high school and senior high school. EDUFISH was inspired by the Aquaculture Outbound Student Exchange (AOSE) activity carried out by the Aquaculture Study Program (ASP) of Hasanuddin University (Unhas) in Japan. The facility of introduction to the sphere of fisheries are very easily accessed by the people in Japan. EDUFISH is also designed as a bridge between communities and universities related to the world of fisheries.

On September 18, 2019, was the launch of EDUFISH for the community, and we received the first visit from TK Al-Ashri Makassar as many as 80 people. EDUFISH presents introductory educational activities according to the kindergarten level, including seeing firsthand various aquatic organisms/aquaculture, visiting laboratories related to the aquaculture field, feeding to fish, learning letters by fishing letters methods, coloring fish, and watching videos related to fish and their life cycle

For this year, the introduction of EDUFISH is still limited to schools located in Makassar City and surrounding areas. We hope that EDUFISH in the future can expand to the South Sulawesi region, nationally, and even internationally.

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