The graduation ceremony and the judicium of FIKP graduates for the first period of September 2019 were held in the Assembly Room in second floor on September 2, 2019 with 133 participants. This activity was attended by Graduates both from undergraduate (S1) and Postgraduate (S2 and S3). Graduates of the bachelor program consist of Marine Science Study Program (27 people); Fisheries Resource Management Study Program (14 people); Aquaculture Study Program (23 people); Fisheries Resource Utilization Study Program (19 people) and Fisheries Socio-Economic Study Program (29 people). The First Class Graduates for undergraduate programs Rizal Aprianto of Fisheries Resource Utilization Study Program with a GPA of 3.8 with a study period of 4 years. Whereas graduates of the Postgraduate Program are Master of Fisheries Study Program (15 people), Masters in Integrated Coastal and Marine Resource Management Study Program (4 people), and Doctor of Fisheries  Study Program (1 person). The First Class Graduate is Muhammad Afdal, S.Pi. To encourage the participants of the graduation ceremony in his remarks, the Vice Dean for Planning, Finance and Resources raised the theme of FIKP achievement in relation to improving the quality of educational facilities and infrastructure, and also the splendid performance of FIKP lecturers for research and publication indexed by Scopus in 2019.


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