General Requirements

Prospective Masters Program graduates with bachelor’s degrees obtained at State Universities / Institutes or Private Universities whose qualification examinations have fulfilled the requirements set by the Higher Education (DIKTI) or graduates of foreign universities whose diplomas have been approved and rated as equivalent to a diploma in Indonesia by DIKTI.

Special Requirements

A.  Academic Requirements

  1. GPA ≥ 2.75 from an accredited university/institute/college
  2. Graduates of the Bachelor of Marine Sciences, Fisheries, Science, Engineering, Economics, Socio-Culture
  3. Have English language skills and academic abilities in accordance with the provisions of the Postgraduate Program of Unhas
  4. Pass the selection test for entering the Postgraduate Unhas.
  5. Not declared dropping out of study at one of the Unhas Postgraduate Study Programs or other Postgraduate colleges.
  6. Unhas graduates with the title of the best graduates in the last two years can continue their education in the Postgraduate Unhas in the same field of science without an entrance examination.

B. Administrative Requirements

  1. Photocopy of diploma that has been approved or accredited for an overseas diploma (2 copies);
  2. Photocopy of legalized transcript (2 copies);
  3. Certificate of helath ;
  4. Fill out the biodata form;
  5. Letter of recommendation for academic eligibility from two academic staff with the same field of science;
  6. English language test results and academic abilities;
  7. Scientific work published  in a scientific journals (if any);
  8. Permission from authorized supervisors for civil servants or employees;
  9. Proof of payment of registration fees;
  10. Recent color photographs with size of 2 × 3 and 3 × 4 cm (3 pieces each)