Produce graduates of master’s degree, who work as:

  1. Practitioner
  2. Academics, and
  3. Researcher
Graduate ProfileAn ability that must be possessedKnowledge that must be possessed
(People who plan and carry out coastal area resource management)    
Have leadershipAble to plan coastal resource managementAble to carry out and control the management of coastal resources Develop management strategies Concepts and theories in coastal resource managementSpatial based on utilization and conservation of coastal and marine resourcesThe concept of coastal and marine conservation  
(People who work as lecturers and researchers at a college, university, or similar institution)
Have pedagogical skillsAble to formulate the concept of integrated coastal resources managementWork on projects / tasks in a structured manner with standardized steps from the academic world Concepts and theories in coastal resource managementOceanography and coastal dynamicsLaws, policies and instituted for managing coastal and marine areasPhilosophy of science and research methodology  
(People who work as researchers in the field of coastal area resource management at a research institution)
Mastery of research methods   Have sensitivity to real problems Philosophy of science and research methodologyTypology and dynamics of coastal and marine area ecosystemsSystem Analysis and Dynamic Modeling of Coastal Resources