Domain of attitude

  1. Able to demonstrate religious attitudes, and uphold human values in carrying out their duties (S1)
  2. Able to work together and have social sensitivity and concern for the community and the environment and show an attitude of responsibility and independence for work in the field of expertise (S2)

Knowledge area

  1. Able to master and develop knowledge about the typology and dynamics of coastal and marine ecosystems (P1)
  2. Able to analyze and develop knowledge about the optimization of spatial utilization and conservation of coastal and marine resources (P2)
  3. Able to master and develop knowledge about law, policy and institutional management of coastal and marine areas, valuation of coastal and marine ecosystem services, and control of water pollution (P3)

General Skills

  1. Able to manage and develop research and communicate research results to the scientific and public community (KU 1)
  2. Able to write scientific publications from research results (KU 2)
  3. Able to work together in managing coastal and marine resources (KU 3)

Special Skills

  1. Able to design, plan and implement coastal resource management in an integrated manner (KK 1)
  2. Able to solve problems of coastal resource management by utilizing other fields of science and paying attention to environmental and economic factors (KK 2)
  3. Able to collect, process, analyze and interpret the data of biophysical, socio-cultural, legal, and institutional coastal resources and environment (KK 3)