Become a leading managerial education institution in the field of coastal and marine resources management in Indonesia in 2030


  1. Carrying out a master program in Integrated Coastal Resource Managemen;
  2. Carrying out applied research that is relevant to coastal development needs, including research related to the development of coastal and marine resource management policies;
  3. Carry out community service and assistance to stakeholders in the field of Integrated Coastal Resource Management ((outreach, dissemination, application of knowledge to the community for environmental improvement and improvement of community welfare);
  4. Establish cooperation with potential partners in the implementation and application of the concept of integrated coastal resource management


  1. Producing master graduates who are able to manage coastal resources in an integrated manner
  2. Produce adaptive science and technology that can solve coastal problems
  3. Realizing cooperation that can provide sustainable benefits to the coastal system (community, coastal resources and development activities)