Student Integrated Field Practice Activities of the PSPT Master Program

Students participating in the course (i) Management of Integrated Coastal and Oceanic, (ii) Advanced Oceanography and (iii) Social, Economic and Cultural Systems of the Coastal Community of the PSPT Master Program conducted an integrated field practice in the Laikang (Puntondo) Village of Takalar Regency on October 27-28, 2018. The field practice activity was accompanied by four lecturers who were lecturers, namely Prof. Dr. Amran Saru, Dr. Mahatma Lanuru, Dr. Ahmad Bahar and Dr. Farid Samawi.

During the field practice, students learn several aspects including the management of coastal areas which include basic management concepts, characteristics and dynamics of coastal areas, description of management hues, especially the potential and problems of coastal area management and management policies. In addition, students also gain enriched practical knowledge on classic issues and lesson learned coastal programs / projects that are designed based on integrated management approaches.

Whereas related to Advanced Oceanography courses, students learn and see firsthand the physical and chemical characteristics of coastal waters of Teluk Laikang (Puntondo) to get a better and complete understanding of the phenomena and physical processes that occur on the coast of Laikang Bay and the role of physical processes in the process biological and chemical processes in the sea. Students also study the relationship between social, economic and cultural aspects of coastal communities with coastal ecosystems. In addition, students also study the forms of coastal community empowerment, management of coastal and marine resources, and the local wisdom of coastal communities and coastal community conflicts found in the coastal areas of Laikang Bay.


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