Fresh graduate Pharmacists Inauguration 2016

A total of 140 new pharmacists were appointed and sworn in Aula Prof. A. Amiruddin. This event was attended by the Rector of the Hasanuddin University, represented by the Vice Rector IV senses. In addition, the inauguration ceremony was also attended by the representative of the Central Committee of Indonesian Pharmacist Association, Drs. Totok Sudjianto, M.Kes., Apt., Chairman of the National Pharmaceutical Committee, Drs. Marco, Apt., MM., ME., Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy senses, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Sc., Apt., And Chairman of PSPA, Dra. Ermina Pakki, M.Sc., Apt.

The event began with the opening of the Open Session of New Appointment and Inauguration ceremony of Pharmacists conducted by the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy. After the sessions, the Chairman read out a letter Prodi Unhas PSPA approval decision and then took the appointment of the new pharmacists. The procession continued with the signing of a letter of appointment and submission of documents the appointment of the Certificate of Registration (STRA), Certificate of Pharmacists Competency (SKP) and a diploma.

After the closing ceremony, the processions were then continued with following speech delivered by, the representatives of the new pharmacist who is delivered by Muhammad Munthazir, S.Si., Apt., PP IAI representatives, KFN, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Rector of the Hasanuddin University.

In his speech, the representative of PP IAI, Drs. Totok Sudjianto, Kes., Apt., said that for the pharmacist graduates in this period, can apply any job by using documents including an affidavit, STRA, SKA and diplomas, that have been received during the inauguration. At the end of his speech, he delivered a small message to the pharmacist to consider returning to their respective regions. “Return, return, and return -to your hometown,” said Totok.

Message from the Chairman of the KFN, Drs. Marco, Apt., MM., ME., Stated that health equity in Indonesia is still unbalanced. This is due to the number of health workers which are still lacking, particularly in the eastern part of Indonesia.

Vice Rector of Hasanuddin University, Prof. dr. Budu, SPM., As a representative of the Rector of Hasanuddin University, in his speech, emphasized on the role of the alumni association with the status of PTN-BH. “The alumni have taken a very important role in the status of PTN-BH,” press WR IV (chm).

Official! Vice Deans of Faculty of Pharmacy Inaugurated

New vice deans of faculty of pharmacy. From left to right. Subehan, PhD., Apt (vice dean I); Dr. Rahmawaty Syukur, Apt (vice dean II); and Dr. Sartini, Apt (vice dean III) (18/3).

New vice deans of faculty of pharmacy. From left to right. Subehan, PhD., Apt (vice dean I); Dr. Rahmawaty Syukur, Apt (vice dean II); and Dr. Sartini, Apt (vice dean III) (18/3).

At Rectorate Building of Hasanuddin University, three new vice deans of faculty of pharmacy UH has been inaugurated. These vice deans will be in duty for 4 years (2015-2019). The inauguration was led by rector of UH, Prof. Dr. Dwia A. Tina Pulubuhu.

  • Vice dean I for academic affairs is positioned by Subehan S.Si., M.Pharm.Sc., PhD., Apt. He replaces Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. that is now becoming the dean of the faculty.
  • Vice dean II for financial and human resource affairs is placed by Dr. Rahmawaty Syukur, M.Si., Apt. She replaces Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Marianti A. Manggau, Apt.
  • Vice dean III for student and alumni affairs is led by Dr. Sartini M.Si., Apt. She was the former chief of undergraduate study program. She replaces Drs. Abd. Muzakkir Rewa that has been in this position for 8 years.

Besides the inauguration of those vice deans, at the same moment, there were also other inaugurations for several positions at Unhas such as, Chief of Student Affairs, Chief of Administrative Affairs of Research and Community Service Board and Chief of Academic Administrative Affairs (chm).

Judgment of Undergraduate Students of Faculty of Pharmacy

As many as 31 students from undergraduate level of Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University were judged as a part of processions before being inaugurated in March 2016. This procession was conducted by Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt and was held in building of the faculty. A thing announced  in this procession was the best alumni in the level of the faculty. This was determined according to IPK and length of study duration. For this period, the best alumni was achieved by Cynthia Frans with IPK of 3,83.

Meanwhile, the university inauguration will be held on March 23-24 2016 at Baruga A. P. Pettarani. On March 23, the inauguration will be performed to inaugurate undergraduate alumni, while on March 24, for postgraduate (magister and doctoral as well as profession) (chm).

156 New Students of Pharmacist Program Inaugurated

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. is delivering a speech as well as inaugurating the new students (5/2)

Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. is delivering a speech as well as inaugurating the new students (5/2)

According to the decree of Rector of Hasanuddin University No. 2807/UN4/PP.37/2016 in respect of enrollment of new students of pharmacist study program at Faculty of Pharmacy Hasanuddin University, then on this day (5/2) as many as 156 new students have been inaugurated by Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si., Apt. In this procession, vice dean for student affairs, Drs. Abd. Muzakkir M. Rewa, M.Si., Apt was also present. Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS., Apt and Usmar, S.Si., M.Si., Apt. as chief and secretary of pharmacist study program, respectively, also attended the procession.

Previously, the new students accepted were those that had passed some stages of selection. From those stages i.e. written test, english proficiency (TOEFL) and interview as the last step. After passing and competing with other 200 registrants, as many as 156 new students have been accepted to pursue their study at the level of pharmacist program in Faculty of Pharmacy for 1 years (chm).

Faculty of Pharmacy Will Host APTFI Congress, Pokjanas TOI & Pharmaceutical Workshops

Faculty of Pharmacy will be the host for the 1st Indonesian Association of Higher Education of Pharmacy (APTFI) Congress as part of succession for electing the next APTFI chair. This event will be coupled with Pokjanas TOI Symposium and Pharmaceutical Workshops. The events will be conducted on 23rd to 25th of April, 2015.

For you who are interested in taking part in the events, please make an online registration through this attached link.

Upon the registration, the participant will have an unique registration number that will be sent through email.



Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Pharmacy to Conduct AKTIMASI

Being opened by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, annually event called AKTIMASI (Ajang Kreatifitas Mahasiswa Farmasi/ Pharmacy Student Creativity Event) 2015 was launched. The event becomes a special moment for the students to show their talent either in arts or sports.


For this year, AKTIMASI was set by the committees to perform several kind of competition such as football, futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball, chess and article writing. Those events will be joined by the students representing their generation.


The event was planned to take place around 9 days from February 2 until February 11 2015. Trophy and other prizes have been prepared by the committees for the participants becoming the winner in each competitions.


Have a good competition. Uphold the sportmanship.




Announcement: PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals Recruitment

PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals as a national, regional and global pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas, offers an opportunity to you possessing a big motivation to achieve an outstanding career in several position (see attached flyer).

The recruitment will be conducted on:

Day/ date: Thursday/ February 5 2015

Time: 08.00 – 17.00 Wita

Venue: Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

Agenda: Presentation, psychotest and interview

Do not miss it. Please bring your CV, application letter and other supporting documents.


Completion Exit Exam for Pharmacist Candidates of Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, for The Second Period of 2014/2015

As many as 149 pharmacist candidates of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas experienced completion exit exam to hold “apoteker (Apt)” title today (Monday, January 26 2015). This exam was conducted comprehensively and taken place at the building of Faculty of Pharmacy.

The candidates were examined by both the lecturers in Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas and practitioners. The material asked to the examinees encompassed the competencies of pharmacist in several fields such as in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals dan pharmacies.

The results of this exam was announced immediately after the exam was done.

“For the candidates passing the exam will make preparation to be inaugurated. However, whoever fails, the candidate must join another completion exit exam in the next semester,” says Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS, Apt, as Chair of Pharmacist Study Program of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas, when opening the exam in front of the examiners (chm).

Resep 2014 of New Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

At Hutan Pendidikan Bengo-Bengo, 135 new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas experienced Resep procession (Reformulasi Etika, Sikap dan Pola Pikir). This event is one of the levels in cadre formation that must be followed by all bachelor degree’s new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas according to AD/ART of Student Executive Board (BEM). The event was opened by vice dean for student affairs of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas and was taken place for 3 days (January 16 – 18 2015).



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