Student Executive Board (BEM) Faculty of Pharmacy to Conduct AKTIMASI

Being opened by Vice Dean for Student Affairs, annually event called AKTIMASI (Ajang Kreatifitas Mahasiswa Farmasi/ Pharmacy Student Creativity Event) 2015 was launched. The event becomes a special moment for the students to show their talent either in arts or sports.


For this year, AKTIMASI was set by the committees to perform several kind of competition such as football, futsal, volleyball, badminton, basketball, chess and article writing. Those events will be joined by the students representing their generation.


The event was planned to take place around 9 days from February 2 until February 11 2015. Trophy and other prizes have been prepared by the committees for the participants becoming the winner in each competitions.


Have a good competition. Uphold the sportmanship.




Announcement: PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals Recruitment

PT. Ferron Par Pharmaceuticals as a national, regional and global pharmaceutical industry, in collaboration with Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas, offers an opportunity to you possessing a big motivation to achieve an outstanding career in several position (see attached flyer).

The recruitment will be conducted on:

Day/ date: Thursday/ February 5 2015

Time: 08.00 – 17.00 Wita

Venue: Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

Agenda: Presentation, psychotest and interview

Do not miss it. Please bring your CV, application letter and other supporting documents.


Completion Exit Exam for Pharmacist Candidates of Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, for The Second Period of 2014/2015

As many as 149 pharmacist candidates of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas experienced completion exit exam to hold “apoteker (Apt)” title today (Monday, January 26 2015). This exam was conducted comprehensively and taken place at the building of Faculty of Pharmacy.

The candidates were examined by both the lecturers in Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas and practitioners. The material asked to the examinees encompassed the competencies of pharmacist in several fields such as in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals dan pharmacies.

The results of this exam was announced immediately after the exam was done.

“For the candidates passing the exam will make preparation to be inaugurated. However, whoever fails, the candidate must join another completion exit exam in the next semester,” says Dr. Latifah Rahman, DESS, Apt, as Chair of Pharmacist Study Program of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas, when opening the exam in front of the examiners (chm).

Resep 2014 of New Students of Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

At Hutan Pendidikan Bengo-Bengo, 135 new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas experienced Resep procession (Reformulasi Etika, Sikap dan Pola Pikir). This event is one of the levels in cadre formation that must be followed by all bachelor degree’s new students of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas according to AD/ART of Student Executive Board (BEM). The event was opened by vice dean for student affairs of Faculty of Pharmacy Unhas and was taken place for 3 days (January 16 – 18 2015).



Judicium of Bachelor and Pharmacist Study Programs In Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University





On Friday, 19 December 2014, Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University organized Judicium of bachelor and pharmacist study programs for December 2014 graduation period. The judicium was opened and chaired by Vice Dean of Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. Gemini Alam, M.Si, Apt accompanied with the head of general affairs (KTU) and the head of education division of Faculty of Pharmacy.

There were 32 students graduated as Bachelor Science (S.Si) and 14 students as Apoteker (Apt).


Tree plantation of Black Ebony





On Friday, 28 November 2014, Deputy Minister of International Relations dan Cooperation of The Republic of South Africa HE (Ms. Nomaindiya Mfeketo) and Rector of Hasanuddin University (Prof. Dr. Dwia Aries Tina Pulubuhu, M.A) planted ebony trees in the area of Faculty of Pharmacy. Black ebony is one of the most valuable and expensive types of wood in the world and is becoming increasing rare due to over harvesting and the burning of younger trees for firewood (read more on This event was also attended by the vice rector for collaboration and international affairs (Prof. dr. Budu, Ph.D,Sp.M(K), M.MedEd and deans from other faculties.

The Announcement of New Students Admission of Pharmacist Study Program For Second Semester 2014-2015

No. 2811 / UN4.18 / PP.36 / 2014

Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University, opens the admission of Pharmacist Study Program for second semester 2014-2015. The schedules of entrance examinations are mentioned below :

Registration and selection schedule :

  • Registration : 17-18 November 2014
  • Written Examination : 8 December 2014
  • Interview : 9 December 2014
  • TOEFL test : 10 December 2014
  • Selection results : 31 December 2014
  • Re-registration : 5-23 January 2015

Requirements (for graduation from other universities) :

Requirements (for graduation from other universities) :

  1. Academic requirements
  2. Bachelor of pharmacy from accredited program)
  3. minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75
  4. Administration requirements
  5. paying registration fees of IDR. 200.000,00
  6. Filling out the registration form, submitted together with :
  • Photocopy of degree certificate and transcript (legalized by an authorized officer)
  • Letter from the workplace explaining the prospective students getting permission to continue their study (for the employee)
  • Certificate of health from medical doctor
  • Two recent professional passport size photographs (3×4 cm), frontal, with blue background

Subject of tests:

The subjects of selection test are divided in two parts i.e. :

  1. Basic pharmaceutical knowledge test consists of :
  • Pharmacognosy-Phytochemistry
  • Chemical Pharmacy
  • Pharmaceutics/Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Biopharmacy and Pharmacology
  1. Test of Academic Proficiency

Makassar, 11 November 2014

Prof. Dr. Elly Wahyudin, DEA, Apt.

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