Seeding and Breeding Laboratory of Fish is a support unit, especially practical learning activities, research, as well as the dedication and services to the public in the field of seed technology. Seeding and Fish Breeding Laboratory equipped with a test / practice and equipment, director of the laboratory and laboratory space

Fish disease is one of the most important limiting factor in fish farming, which could also threaten the sustainability of fisheries resources. The incidence of the disease is determined by the health of the fish, pathogens and the environment

Fish Nutrition Laboratory is a laboratory associated with the formulation and nutrition and fish feed and shrimp, culture and natural food nutrition. Housed in the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University.


Library is an effort to maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the teaching-learning process. Libraries are well organized and systematic manner, directly or indirectly can provide facilities for teaching and learning in the school where the library is located. This, associated with the advancement of education and the improvement of teaching and learning method that is felt can not be separated from the problem of providing facilities and educational facilities

Other Support Facilities

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