Aquaculture study program (BDP) is one of the study programs under the department of fishery, Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery, Hasanuddin University. Unhas as one of the reputable universities in Indonesia had established Fisheries Science (interest in Aquaculture) since 1968 under Faculty of Agriculture. The establishment of the fishery science was voluntarily initiated by three leaders namely Dean of Agriculture Faculty, Prof. Dr. Ir. H. A Muin Pabinru, MSc., Head Department  of Marine Fishery, Ir Pieter H. Mailiassa, Head of Inland Fishery research institute, Ir. Ardwinirwan Kamaluddin. In 1977, Fishery science studies were managed under husbandry sciences programs.

In 1983, Department of Fishery merged with Husbandry faculty and its status was elevated and become Faculty of Husbandry and Fishery. The existence of department of fishery was officially acknowledged since 1984 based on Decree of Directorate General of Higher Education No. 108/DIKTI/Kep./1984 dated 21st August 1984. From 29th January 1996 as per Decree of Education and Culture Minister No. 036/O/1996, Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery was established which consists of two departments namely Department of Fishery and Department of Marine Science.

The department of Fishery established the Faculty of Marine Science and Fishery based on the decree No.532/DIKTI/Kep/1996 dated 4th December 1996. The department consists of four study programs namely Aquatic resources Management (MSP) decree No.67/DIKTI/Kep/1996

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