History of Establishment3

Consortium  of  center  for  seaweed  development  and  utilization was inspired by the Masterplan of Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesian Economic Development (MP3EI).   One of the programs in  MP3 EIisthe  establishment  of  the  Center  of  Excellence  in  each Indonesian Economic Corridor.The main sector sin strengthening the economic corridor in Sulawesi areagriculture,fisheries and nickel.The maincommodityin Sulawesi Fisheriesis seaweed.Sulawesie specially South Sulawesi is the main producer of seaweed in Indonesia and its production has the potential to be increased. Based on this condition, nine institutions in South Sulawesi who have an interest in seaweed development united together to form a Seaweed Consortium and the consortium was proposed to theMinistryof ResearchandTechnology. The nine institutions are:

1.   Faculty of Marine Sciences and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University

2.   Faculty of Pharmacy, Hasanuddin University

3.   Makassar State Polytechnic, Makassar

4.   AgriculturalStatePolytechnicofPangkajeneIslands,Pangkajene Islands Regency

5.   ProvincialBoardofResearchandDevelopment,SouthSulawesi Province


6. Agency  for  Research  and  Development  in  Brackishwater Aquaculture,MarosRegency,MinistryofMarineAffairs and Fisheries

7.   Agency of Brackishwater Aquaculture,Takalar Regency, Ministry of Marine Affairsand Fisheries

8.   Center   for   Study   of   Coastal   and   Small   Islands,


Then, the Consortium of Center for Seaweed Development and Utilization was established administratively based on the Decree of the Ministry of Research and Technology No.157/M/Kp/IX/2012,5 December 2012.  In the future this consortium will be enhanced to be a Centre of Excellence in Seaweed.

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To become an acknowledged seaweed research and development institution in Indonesia.


a.   Tomasterseaweedscienceandtechnologyasamainmovement and reference in sustainable nation development

b.   To  enhance  value  added  conservation  biological  resources through mastery in technology

Goals :

  1. To develop sciences and technology in order to increase sustainable production and quality of seaweed
  2. Networking Enhance
  3. Dissemination of pro

d. To analyze and to solve social economic problems in seaweed local development.b.To stimulate growth of seaweed processing industries hence increasing the value of seaweed products c.To disseminate seaweed farming and seaweed processing technology.

Programs :

  1. Organization strengthening
  2. Enhancement of Research and development relevance
  3. Improvement of Human Resources ment.grams, research and technology

2 Research Center Building,

5th Floor Hasanuddin University Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, KM 10 Tamalanrea Makassar 90245

Contact : Dr. Gunarto Latama, M.Sc (;

Website :

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