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MARINE STATION ‘We serve marine research and education in the World Coral Triangle The establishment of the Marine Station of Hasanuddin University as a fieldstation was intended to support the three mission softheuniversity. This unit was built in 1994  through MSEP (Marine Science Education Project) which consisted of dormitory, classrooms, laboratories and hatchery. Until2014,  the Marine Station Unit has conducted all mission softheuniversity such as education, research and community services. Marine1

About Barrang Lompo islandand Spermonde Archipelago

Barrang Lompo Island is a coral island surrounded by a large intertidal carbonate reef flat.   This island is situated in themiddle-inner area of the Spermonde Archipelago, approximately 14km off the coast(S5o03’, E119o20’) and about an hour motor boat ride from Makassar city.

The island is administrated by the district government of Makassar city. Barranglompo ,one of the most dense populated island in the Spermonde Archipelago, has at otalinland area of about 49ha with  4784 peopleof 862 house holds in habitating the island. Spermonde Archipelago is located in the Makassar   Strait in the west coast of South Sulawesi. Local people of Makassar named this archipelago as ‘Sangkarang’ derived from the name of the outer mostreef. This area is divided into four zones based on their distance from the mainland, namely: fringing zone located 5km from the coast tot hedepthof 20m; innerzone, from distance   of 5km   to the offshore until   12,5km; middle zone from 12,5km to 30km at varied depth between 30–50 m,and outer zone orbarrier zone from distance  of 30km to 40km in the outerboundary of Spermonde Shelf. Spermonde Archipelago has 98 in habited island sand 22 uninhabite disland, with the area of coral reef is approximately 60.000 ha  for both fringing reef in the edge of the island and patch reef forming the barrier.


Marine Station provides the following services :

–    Facilities for student  fieldtripand fieldpractices

–    Facilities for research on marine scienceand fisheries

–    Facilities for mariculture and  experiment onrunning water system

–    Community development training

–    SCUBA and snorkeling diving training

–    Training on coral reef monitoring

–    Education on environmental and marine resources

–    Marine ecotourism and edutourism

–    Accommodation services for scientificand organization meeting

HowTo Getthere

Barrang Lompo Island can be reached by boat from Makassar City. There are four regular boats that travel to this island everyday. These boats depart from the island at 7am, and returnat 11am. Travel time by regular boats is approximately one hour. Another option to reach the islandis by hiring speedboats from Makassar City. It takes 25 minutes by speedboat to the island.

Marine2 Marine3


Marine Station has two main buildings. The first building that is located in the eastern side of the island, consists of dormitory, classrooms and laboratories. The second building that is located in the western side of the island. is for hatchery Dormitory facilities consists of lecturer dormitory, separated female and male student dormitories.  There are two classrooms  with capacity of 50 people and equipped with three researchers rooms (dry laboratories)
Lecturer Dormitory 7 rooms 2 persons/ room
Student (male)  Dormitory 10 rooms  4 students / room
Student (female) Dormitory 6 rooms  4 students / room


Hatchery facilities comprise of  work rooms, laboratory,  outdoor raceway  and indoor  fiberglass supported by  running water system .
Algae Culture 1 Room
Microscope  and macroscope 1 Room
Darklight Laboratory 1 Room
Outdoor  raceway 16  raceways  (8.000 liters)
Aquarium 36 aquariums (40 liters)
Rectagular  fiberglass 10  units (1000 liters)
Circular fiberglass 10 units (100. 500 liters)
Triangular stand  fiberglass 6 units

Reproduction and Rearing of Marine Organisms Currently, the unit also provide several other services such as breeding and restocking of some endangered species (e.g. giant clams, topshells and seahorse), coral transplantation and rehabilitation of coral reef, etc. Since 1994, the hatchery at Barranglompo Island has conducted several projects related to the reproduction of various marine organisms particularly endangered and protected organisms in Indonesia.

Cost of the facilities
A         Dormitory                                           Capacity                          Cost (US $)
Data Monthly Daily
1 Executive (twin bed) 7 rooms 400 150
2 Student dormitory (4 bed) 16 rooms 300 150
3 Class room 2 classes 100 5
4 Laboratory/workshop 3 rooms 100 5
B Hatchery/Wetlab Monthly Weekly
1 International Research 450 150
2 Local  Grant Research 300 100
3 Private Funds 250 70
4 Undergraduate student 60 20

Director                                                        :  SyafyudinYusuf, PhD

Vice Director                                               :  KhusnulYaqien, PhD

Finance Finance                                         :  Khairul Amri, PhD

Dormitory responsibility                          :  Muhammad Ridwan

Running water system & Electricity  technician              :  Muh. Japri Abdullah

Culturing and rearing Biota technisians                           :  Syarifuddin

Building and equipment Maintenance                              :  Jamaluddin


Jl. Perintis kemerdekaan km 10 Makassar, Indonesia  90245;

Phone/Fax :  +62-411-586025; Mobile :+62-811469220 (SyafyudinYusuf, PhD); +62-81244036247 (KhusnulYaqien, PhD)


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