Coral Center



Data and Information Center for Coral Reefs and other associated Ecosystems

Coral centeraims top rovide data and information for alla spects of coral reef sand other associated eco systems in Indonesia and the world tomultipleusers and public. Up-to-date research,on-going programs and implemented policies are available to be accessed.   Coraland  fish speciesdiversityand  distribution Biological aspects of theree fspecies Ecologicalperpectivesofthereefs Marine protectedarea(MAP) Bestpracticesandpoliciescoralreefmanagement Livecoralcoverage researchmethodology Socio-economicaspectsofcoastalcommunityandreefcommunity Smallislands Socio-ecologicalaspectsofcoralreefs Environmentalandwaterquality andmany others

Centerfor  Collaboration Researchon CoralReef


Researchinstitutesin theworldwillbe encouragedtolinkwithCoralCenter. ResearchCenterwilladditionallybuilda marinestationin SpermondeIslandsof SouthSulawesi,Indonesia.

Education and Training Center


coralreef ecosystem and management. It is particularly intended for students, Coral Center provides facilities for education and training, whichis aimed at increasing knowledge and understanding of the environmental managers, governmental officials,non-governmental organization, privatesector andinterested individuals

Coral Collection Coral collectionaims togiveinformationto  public aboutthescaleofcoralbiodiversityin Indonesia and theworld.Thiscollectioncanbeseenin thecoral museum, whichprovidesreferencesontoday’scoral reefs.

Coral Edutainment Coralcenterwillprovidemoreinformationonthe ecology,biology,andmanagement ofcoralreefand associatedecosystemswhichgivesanopportunityfor studentstolearn.Theinformationwillbepresentedin anedutainmentconcept.

 Secretariat:PKP  Building,5thFl.,Hasanuddin University

  1. Perintis Kemerdekaan Km.10.
  2.  Makassar 90245 Indonesia Ph./Fax.:+62411586997.
  3. Email  :
  4. website:

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