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Indonesia is a tropical country with atropical climate which has highly  potential  fish  resources.    One   of  the highly  potential  fish resources is ornamental fishes,  not  only fresh water but also marine ornament fishes. There are at least  240 species of marine  ornamental fishes  and  226 fresh water ornamental fish In the  ornamental marine aquarium fishes  are very popular in the international market, especially in the USA, Erope,   and Japan. Diversity of  ornamental fishes in Indonesian waters is high. Unfortunately, there are many species close to extiction due to over exploitation by unfriendly fishing suchas using cyanide and bombing.  On the other hand, there is a high  demand of ornamental fishes for other  purposes suchas  Chinese traditional medicine whiche specially uses sea  horse.

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Aquarium unit is one of the supporting facilities for education and enterpreneurship which focuses on ornamental  fishes. This unit  was  established in March 2014 and located at the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries. This unit supports students practicum, research for student for all degrees (S1, S2 and S3) and lecturer research. It also supports are search from other researcher sout side Hasanuddin University. This unit is also used as  anedutainment  for students (elementary to high school students) and the community who are in terested in knowing more about ornamental fishes.  Ornamental fish stock aquarium maintenance services is also provide  in this unit.

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In the future,  the  Aquarium  Unit will develop research activities which focuses on breeding and rearing several ornamental fishes which has high economic value. Development of breeding and rearing ornamental fishes to increase the economic value offishes willbe collaborated with the Marine Station Unit, Hatchery and Mini Recirculation Unit and also with private sectors. The expected outcome of the research for the breeding and rearing of ornamental fishes are:

  • Aquarium  unit to become apre-commercial breeding center for several ornamental fishes suchas sea horses, anemon fishes, etc.
  • Giving  recommendation  for  genetic management, stock management  and   selective breeding for ornamental fishes culture.
  • Developing juvenile culture system for ornamental fishes through the backyard system
  • Establishing a research and  business  collaboration with  other institution to create a certification system for ornamental fishes from culture.
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