Open Journal System (OJS) Training

The OJS 3 training activity at the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries (FIKP), Hasanuddin University, was held on Saturday, February 20, 2021, with the activity’s agenda was procedures for paper submitting, peer-reviewing, and publishing with OJS 3 by Ahsan Yunus, SH, MH, and sharing experiences of the used of OJS3 by Moh. Tauhid Umar, S.Pi, MP (Editorial Board of the Journal of Fisheries and Marine Science) and Rachmat Hidayat, S.Pi (Editorial Board of the Journal of IPTEKS PSP).

This activity is intended to support the standard operating procedure for undergraduate scientific publications. In addition, it is hoped that journals published in FIKP can be SINTA accredited and indexed by SCOPUS. This training activity was attended by seven representatives of the editorial board of journals in FIKP, namely Torani Journal of Fisheries and Marine Science, Jurnal Ponggawa, Jurnal IPTEKS PSP, Spermonde Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan, Jurnal Pengelolaan Perairan, Journal of Aquatic Student (JAS), and Journal of Aquaculture Studies and Development. This activity was also attended by Safruddin, S.Pi, MP, Ph.D (Vice Dean for Planning, Finance, and Resources) and Dr. Yayu Anugrah La Nafie, ST, M.Sc (Head of FIKP Publication Unit).

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