The work meeting of the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries (FIKP), Hasanuddin University was held on Thursday, February 11, 2021 via online with the agenda (1) Dissemination of Standard Operating Procedures for Scientific Publication of Undergraduate Program by Prof. Dr. Ir. Rohani Ambo Rappe, M.Si (Vice Dean for Academic, Research, and Innovation); (2) Operational Guidelines for Lecturer Credit Score Assessment 2019 and Procedures for Peer Review of Lecturer Scientific Works by Safruddin, S.Pi, MP, Ph.D (Vice Dean for Planning, Finance, and Resources); and (3) The use of SIKOLA in the learning process by Prof. Dr. Ir. Abdul Haris, M.Si (Head of the Quality Assurance Unit) and as moderator is Dr. Ir. Muhammad Farid Samawi, M.Si (Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni, and Partnerships).
The purpose of this activity is so that the lecturer staff; (1) understand and help implement the standard operating procedure for scientific publications for undergraduate students; (2) provide an in-depth understanding of operational guidelines for assessing credit scores in 2019 and procedures for peer review of lecturers’ scientific works; and (3) increasing the ability to use SIKOLA to support learning activities. This activity was opened by the Dean of FIKP (Dr. Ir. St. Aisjah Farhum, M.Si) and was attended by around 80 lecturers.

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