The 25th Anniversary of the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries, Hasanuddin University

Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries Universitas Hasanuddin, reached its 25th year on January 29, 2021. To welcome the anniversary, series of events has been held by this faculty since October, 2020; like eight (8) webinar series, community service and international conference. The peak of FMSF 25th Dies Natalis was held on Saturday, January 30, 2021, with the theme “Alumni integration for the enhancement of Marine and Fisheries Sector in Indonesia”.
The celebration was enlivened by various events: ‘tumpeng cutting’ as a form of thanksgiving by dean and vice dean, student choir, The Marfish Harmony, traditional dance, poetry recitation by alumni, FMSF award, and one of the highlights was book launching titled “Footprints in Building the Indonesian Maritime Continent (History, Achievements and Asa). This book made by FMSF Unhas, filled with ideas of lecturers, alumni and related stakeholders in marine science and fisheries. The FMSF 25th Dies Natalis was attended by many people, though it was conducted virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic situation. This event was attended by lecturers, alumni, stakeholders, students, and many others, which the total of participants were not less than 300 persons.
Dean of the Faculty of Marine and Fisheries Sciences, Dr. Ir. St Aisjah Farhum, M.Si said that in its 25 years of work, FMSF has developed into a faculty in Indonesia that deserves to be taken into account, especially in the maritime and fisheries sector. Long live Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries Unhas. May you give birth to individuals that have the spirit to create prosperous coastal communities, and sustainable fisheries and marine resources.

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