The Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries Implemented the Judiciary for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduation Septermber 2020

In the framework of the Graduation Period I of September 2020 Hasanuddin University, the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries (FIKP) Unhas conducted an online Undergraduate and Postgraduate Judiciary on September 1, 2020, which was attended by 46 undergraduate participants and 5 postgraduate Masters and 3 Doctoral participants. The judicium event was chaired by the Dean of FIKP, namely Dr.Ir. Aisjah Farhum, M.Si was attended by the Deputy Dean for Academic and Innovation, Prof. Dr. Ir. Rohani Ambo Rappe, M.Si, Deputy Dean for Planning, Finance and Resources Dr. Safruddin, S.Pi, M.Sc and Vice Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Partnerships Dr.Ir. Muhammad Farid Samawi, M.Si. Also present were the Head of Administration of the FIKP, Dra. Husni Husain, M.Hum and the Kasubag.
In his remarks, the Dean of FIKP informed that all study programs at FIKP have been accredited A BAN-PT, Marine Science Study Program accredited internationally AUN-QA and Aquaculture Study Program accredited ASIN International, while the Study Program Aquatic Resources Management in the assessment of international accreditation AUN-QA. FIKP will continue to strive to improve the quality of learning, even in an atmosphere of Covid 19.
The Dean hopes that graduates can continue to increase their role in society and create jobs. FIKP Unhas has provided everything to the maximum that is needed by students according to their abilities, therefore as alumni, it is expected that their participation is both moral and material for faculty development in the future. On this occasion, FIKP conveyed that it will face its 25th anniversary, various activities have been carried out in the form of webinars, competitions and community service seminars. Hopefully FIKP alumni can participate in these activities.

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