Google Doc Training For The FIKP Administration Staff Organized By Quality Assurance Unit

In order to anticipate the Covid-19 Pandemic period in academic process and research seminars, the Quality Assurance Unit of the Faculty of Marine Science and Fisheries (FIKP) Hasanuddin University held a Google Doc training which was held on 10 and 11 June 2020 at FIKP Hasanuddin University which continued to follow the Covid protocol 19. The implementation of this activity aims to improve and broaden the horizons and knowledge of education staff in assist and facilitating student academic activities and administrative for the lecturers in FIKP Unhas. This activity was also expected to be one of the strategies of FIKP Unhas to continue carry out academic activities as they should despite the limitations of not being able to interact and face to face directly. With the Google Doc training as an alternative implementation of academic and administrative fluency at FIKP can maintain the quality and quality of services provided by Educators at FIKP Hasanuddin Universiy.

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