Digital Elevation Model for Coral Reef Damage Detection in Taman Wisata Alam Laut Kapoposang (TWAL Kapoposang), South Sulawesi


Coral reefs in the last few decades has decreased the quality dramatically. One of the affected locations were Underwater Ecotourism Area of Kapoposang, Pangkep Regency. Various rehabilitation efforts have been done, but not yet effective. One of the reason is the lack of information on the coral distribution based on water depth. The purpose of this research is to create a digital model of distribution of coral reefs  based on water depth. The model can then be implemented in the coral rehabilitation project in order to increase the efficiency of the project.The study used Satellite Imagery SPOT 5 with 10 metres resolution along with water depth data. It was found 5 substrat coverage, namely life coral, rubble, death coral, seagrass, and sand. Result of this study also showed that coral reefs in Underwater Ecotourism Area of Kapoposang has been decreased in quantity and quality which only has 25- 40% coverage of life coral. Most of the damaged found in the shallow water (0 – 10 metres) of that area.
Keywords: TWAL Kapoposang, coral reef, batimetry, SPOT 5 Image

Diterbitkan di Jurnal Ilmu Kelautan Perikanan, Universitas Diponegoro,  Februari 2010

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